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The mission of the AAFAF SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is to provide talented students with practical and theoretical knowledge that will help them understand the work done in the government of Puerto Rico so that they commit to public service once they achieve their educational goal.

The AAFAF Summer Internship promotes research and professional development in the fields of finance, accounting, economics, public administration, legal affairs and other disciplines affecting public finance. It also seeks to help increase the knowledge of these youths on public debt management and restructuring, as well as PROMESA..


The Program Offers

Conferences with experts from the public and private sectors on finance, economy and public administration areas with an emphasis on the economic development of Puerto Rico. Practical work experience supervised by a high-level executive in the core areas of government administration.


Important Information

  • Those interested must fill out and email the application together with the evidence of grade point average, approved credits, résumé, the required essay, and two letters of recommendation (at least one of them must be from one of the applicant’s professors, the other may be professional, extracurricular or academic).
  • Applications will not be accepted after the due date.
  • Applications that do not meet all the requirements will not be considered.



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Roberto Sánchez Vilella (Minillas) Government Center de Diego Ave. Stop 22 San Juan, PR 00907

PO Box 42001, San Juan, PR 00940-2001