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Agency Heads Convene to Review ARPA Application Processes

$301,852,217 disbursed in the first phase


State Secretary-designate Omar J. Marrero brought together the government agencies that participate in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) programs in order to review the application processes and streamline disbursements.


“We grouped government agencies, which were assigned federal funds through the ARPA, to know the progress of their requests, provide advice, and review the compliance processes and eligible uses. It is very important for Gov. Pedro Pierluisi that we expedite the disbursement of these funds for the benefit of our people. It is also necessary to maintain direct communication with the entities that serve these funds to ensure their compliance, in accordance with the parameters established by the federal government,” said Marrero, who is also the executive director of the Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority.


Among the government agencies and entities that participated in the meeting of the first phase of the assignment of the ARPA were:


– the Department of Finance

– the Office of Management and Budget

– the Department of Transportation and Public Works

– the Department of Health

– the Puerto Rico Tourism Co.

– the Housing Financing Authority

– the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture

– the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music

– the School of Plastic Arts and Design

– the Puerto Rico Fine Arts Corporation

– the Musical Arts Corporation

– the Office for the Socioeconomic and Community Development of Puerto Rico

– the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources


Moreover, Marrero reported that during the first phase of the implementation of the programs through the ARPA, $301,852,217 have been transferred to the different agencies. Of this total, $276,808,592 correspond to the allocation for the repair of short columns, which will impact roughly 684 school sites.


In addition, through “premium pay” payments to public sector workers, $88,413,000 have been approved, impacting 39,702 eligible public servants.


For hospitals and diagnostic and treatment centers (CDTs, Spanish initials), $52,442,000 have been approved in “premium pay” payments, impacting 28,202 employees.


“The governor’s fiscal and economic team is responsible for supervising and monitoring the progress of the disbursement and use of funds. We will maintain constant supervision of the procedures for disbursements destined for Puerto Rico, and we will, in turn, ensure that all expenses comply with the requirements, conditions, regulations and guidelines of the federal government,” Marrero affirmed.


Fuente: The Weekly Journal

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